New O.G.

New O.G. (New Original Glitter) is a black-and-white multiglitter with blue shimmer and silver holographic nanoglitter in a clear base. Dots, stars, hexagons, rectangles, hearts, triangles, clouds, flowers, squares, diamonds and more.
Vamper Tantrum is a a warm leaning holographic blackened burgundy vamp microglitter in a clear base. 
Fleshed Out is a nearly naked translucent shimmerella with pink and shifting blue shimmer as well as subtle silver holographic nanoglitter accents.
Eye Candy is a translucent holographic turquoise nanoglitter with red microglitter accents in a violet base. Painting over black intensifies green turquoise aspect.
You Name It! is a multishimmered multiglitter topper with holographic nanoglitter accents. Lilac-shimmered clear base with holographic microglitter.
Red Ahead is a red microglitter with tonal red dotted accents in a red base.